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Used Stainless Steel Tankers

Used Stainless Steel Tankers
Used Stainless Steel Tankers

Additional Information:

Key Features: –

*Jurop RV520 (520CFM)

*30000 litres capacity

*4mm Stainless steel 304 grade


– Jurop RV520 air cooled vacuum pump, complete with exhaust

silencer and oil trap.  Inline filter and automatic forced

lubrication.  520CFM in free air, 466CFM at 60% vacuum

– 4-cylinder Lombardini engine

– Primary cut-out single ball type with pneumatically operated

travel valve.  Stainless steel ball and neoprene gasket.

Secondary cut-out Jurop Type with drain

– One 100mm (4”) diameter glycerine filled gauge


– Stainless steel 304 grade 4mm

– Dished and flanged 4mm

– Top and rear manhole

– External top hat section in 304SS, spaced according to pressure/vac calculations

– Welded directly to bogie

– Two of, anti-surge baffles folded plate type.

– One 500mm (20”) multiclamp manway with neoprene seal

Manway to open towards front of tank

– Top centre line.  Multiclamp manway, complete with access

ladder, platform and safety rail to latest working at height regs

– Two of, one mounted directly into tank the other in vacuum

pump airline

– 14.7PSI (1Bar)

– 50mm (2”) full length acrylic sight glass in the front of the tank fitted

with two isolation valves


– All valves steel construction with EPDM seals

– 150mm (6″) Manual operated outlet valve in base of tank



Used Stainless Steel Tankers

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Stainless Steel Vacuum Tanker





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Used Stainless Steel Tankers

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