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DAF Tractor unit – T200 BBT

DAF Tractor unit – T200 BBT
DAF Tractor unit – T200 BBT
  • Model: DAF XF480 FTP 6×2 tractor unit
  • Design GVW/GCW: 23,900 kg / 44,000 kg
  • Chassis: 4050 mm wheelbase
  • Gearbox: TraXon 12-speed automated transmission, Eco Fuel programme
  • Engine: 12.9-litre MX-13 355, Euro 6, MX Engine Brake
  • Max power: 483 bhp @ 1600 rpm
  • Max torque: 2500 Nm @ 900-1125 rpm
  • Cab: Space Cab, air suspension
  • Fuel tanks: Aluminium (1x 605-litre with step, 1x 325-litre)
  • AdBlue tank: 90 litres
  • With Hydro Packs


DAF Tractor unit - T200 BBT

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T200 BBT


Tractor Unit





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