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JHL Flexline 312 – FN65 NRF

Vehicle Details
Make :Scania
Registration Date :2015
Registration :FN65 NRF
Type :JHL Flexline
Weight :26000kg
MOT :March 2022


12.000 litres (2,639 UK gallons)
Approved for 0.5 bar pressure
Moveable partition, pneumatic
3 sets of locking bolts, manual
4″ top suction and 6″ bottom suction, manual
Fully automatic end cover, hydraulic

Uraca 718, 390 l/min @ 140 bar (85 UK gpm @ 2030 psi)
Primary hose reel with 150 m 5/4″ thermoplastic jetting hose, hydraulic
Secondary hose reel with 50 m 3/4″ and 60 m 1/2″ jetting hose, hydraulic
Hydraulic swivels
Water filter for protection of pump

CVS VacuStar 1600 – oil cooled and equipped with a lubrication pump
942 cfm (5,865 UK gpm) @ free flow / 924 cfm (5,756 UK gpm) @ 60% vacuum
5″ suction cassette with hydraulic lift and double telescopic arm

BUS-based PLC
2 control panels, one mounted on the back of the tank and one on the side

Scania P360 CB 6X4, CP16 medium day cab

Lights and reflectors
5 work lights, LED
4 rotating beacons
6 side lights with built-in reflectors, LED

Cabinets ad shelves
One double cabinet fitted with hand wash facility
One tool cabinet
Hose shelves on both sides
Tool shelves on both sides

One nozzle set
4×5 m 4” hoses including Bauer couplings
2” Stortz coupling for water filling hose
1.5 m 3” hose with coupling for cleaning filter unit
1 Bauer reduction 6” male to 4” female
1 Bauer reduction 5” male to 4” female

Cabin and tank: Ivory White
Undercarriage: Scania Sub Grey

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