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Flexi Loader SF16 TWG

Vehicle Details
Make :Scania
Registration Date :2017
Registration :SF16 TWG
Type :Amphitec Flexi Loader
Weight :32000kg
MOT :October 2021


AMPHITEC Flexi Loader
VORTEX 9000 Vacuum Pump, PTO driven
Wet and Dry Suction Capability
15000 litre STAINLESS STEEL Tipping Barrel
360o Rotational Boom 8”
8” Inlet and Outlet Valves
Rear opening back door
Hydraulic Door Clamps
Front Filter Compartment with Filter Socks
13000kg Payload
This can suck and blow at 1bar low noise level

Billy Bowie Special Projects Limited
Moorfield Industrial Estate
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Email: [email protected]

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