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DISAB Cen P10 – Y2 BBT

Vehicle Details
Make :Volvo
Registration Date :2018
Registration :Y2 BBT
Type :DISAB Centurion P10
Weight :32000kg
MOT :June 2022


Vacuum pump                              Three-Lobe Roots Pump
Max vacuum,                                mbar 950
Max overpressure,                       mbar N/A
Air volume m3/h (unloaded)     8,100
Operating speed (rpm)                2,650
Power, kW                                     220
Voltage Frequency, V/Hz             N/A
Power source                                 Truck powered
Engine type                                    N/A
Tank material                                Carbon steel / stainless steel
Tank volume (m³) *                      *Excluding filter volume 10/12/14
Total Tank Volume (m³)               12.7 / 14.7 / 16.7

Tank tipping system – Hydraulic front cylinder, double acting system. Tailgate is hydraulically operated and locked.
Main filter system (m²) – 70 stainless steel cages with filter socks in needled polyester glazed surface.
Filter area is 26m².
Cooling air filter – Cartridge filter
Safety Filter surface (m”) – 34

Billy Bowie Special Projects LTD,
Moorfield Industrial Estate,
Ayrshire KA2 OBA

Tel: 01563 549 049
Email: [email protected]

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