• Q. How often should I empty / clean my Septic Tank?

    A. We recommend you empty / clean your tank at least once per year.

  • Q. Do you charge extra for an emergency response?

    A. No we charge a set cost dependent on your location. However you may be charged more if the quantity is over 1,000 gallons.

  • Q. Do you have a schedule that I can be added to so I don’t miss the next scheduled clean?

    A. Yes we can put you on to our system and give you a call back in a year’s time, This is a free service.

  • Q. How close does the tanker need to get to the Septic Tank?

    A. Our vehicles come with standard 30 mtrs of hose and we have more if required. There is no additional charge for longer hoses.

  • Q. If the lid of the septic tank is difficult to lift will I be charged extra?

    A. No, if you have any problems with your tank lid give us a call on 01563 549049 and we will give you a free site survey. If additional labour is required to lift the lid we can arrange that at no additional charge.